How are payments made?

As an Employer you must make payments of contributions due to the NHT on a monthly basis. All payments are made at Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) offices or TAJ online portal. Payments must be accompanied by completing a S01 form which is available on the TAJ website, which clearly identifies:

  • The Employer, by the company name and complete address;
  • The Employer’s National Insurance Reference number and Employer TRN;
  • The month and year for which the payment is being made;
  • The number of employees who contributed for the month;
  • The NHT Applicable Gross Wages: the total earnings (including commissions, bonuses and fees) of all employees who are liable to contribute and who contributed during that month;
  • The Employees' and Employer’s contribution: that is, the total amount payable for the month; this is 5% of the total gross pay of all employees who are liable to contribute for that month; 
  • Any penalty which may be incurred from contributions paid over after the 14th day of the following month, as well as surcharge for any arrears which continued for longer than one contribution year.

All payments due for a month are due by or before the 14th day of the following month. 

If as an Employer an overpayment is made to the account of a Contributor, the overpaid amount can be deducted from subsequent payments within the same contribution year.

Visit the TAJ website at for more detail.