Voluntary Contributor

An Overseas Voluntary Contributor is any person who resides outside of Jamaica, and is a permanent resident or citizen of that country, or the holder of a valid residency card in any country other than Jamaica; who is not required by law to contribute to the NHT. Such person can make an application to contribute to the NHT voluntarily. To register, you must complete the “Voluntary Contributor’s Application Form” (correction fluid should NOT be used on the Form). 

Pensioners who desire to contribute to the NHT are allowed to register as Voluntary Contributors.

Jamaican residents that are overseas for the purpose of work (with use of a valid work permit) can also make an application to contribute to the NHT voluntarily.

To qualify for loans, Voluntary Contributors must have paid 104 weeks (2 years) of contributions, of which 52 weeks (1 year) must be paid in the period leading up to the date of application.  Click here for more information on making contribution payments.

Voluntary Contributors may apply for contributions refunds, which will be paid directly to the Contributor in Jamaican Dollars. Voluntary Contributors are due a refund in the eighth year after those payments became due. If the Contributor is an NHT Mortgagor, then the refund will be applied to the principal of his/her loan account. Click here for more information on applying for a Contributions Refund.


Click here to download the Voluntary Contributor Application Form