Policies to Assist You

The NHT has facilities to assist you in affording your home:

100% Financing for NHT Schemes Where the loan amount does not exceed the NHT's loan ceiling
Contribution Refunds towards Deposit (CRTD) The CRTD may be accessed, if it becomes necessary to bridge a financial gap to purchase the property
Home Grant If you have made at least seven years contribution and are earning up to $15,000.99 weekly, you may be granted a subsidy of up to $2.5  million. This grant may be combined with any of the NHT’s Non-Homeowner’s loan.
No Deposit for Scheme Purchases

You may access up to the NHT’s loan ceiling to complete the purchase of a Scheme unit or Serviced Lot. 

However, you will still be required to pay the closing cost associated with the purchase of the unit (which is currently $3,500.00).